A day of Italian Culture and Tradition.
Dive into the atmosphere of a colorful Italian market. Discover products of Italian craftsmanship, known worldwide for its quality and beauty. Taste all that our diverse and delicious cuisine has to offer. Let yourself be tempted to buy gifts, clothes and food by our selection of exhibitors who, through their products, showcase the multifaceted craftsmanship of Italy. The Italian market includes twenty professionals in various fields, from fashion to food, from handicrafts to culture: it will be a breeze to find presents for you and your loved ones.

Sunday - January 31, 2016 - 10:00am to 6:00pm

Adeline & Sidonie creates beautiful, poetic Interior Design objects. Inspired by nature and eco friendly environment, she brings her passion for textiles and delicate materials coming from Italy, France, and Japan in her hand-made collection:
- succulent nests, lightings, cushions, placemats, and organic candles.
We combine beautiful designs with the best craftsmanship and best materials available in the world. No shortcuts. With every handbag we sell, we feel that we are bringing the best of Italy into your life. Our workshop is located in Parma, Italy.  We chose Parma because its heritage in leather goods manufacture stems from a centenary tradition. Our highly skilled Parmigiani  artisans make magic happen. Our production is limited. Our collections are one of a kind.
Aemilia logo
Aperegina logo
Ape Regina is a design jewelry boutique where every piece is uniquely crafted with gold, silver, fine gems and diamonds. The  refined gold ring collection is designed to showcase elegant and beautifully colored gemstones of almost every size and shape. The silver "Opera Earrings" collection also focuses on colored gemstones star of every stylish woman's wardrobe.
Are you ready to bring the Parisian chic into American children’s closets?
That's the challenge we've set ourselves! We went to Paris to select and meet young French designers. We are now CAP ou pas CAP and very proud to provide you with our selected creations. We invite you to discover our chic and poetic bohemian universe, come and visit our stand at the market of Silicon Valley Italian Festival. 
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Centro39 Logo
Centro39 is the online destination fashion boutique for luxury Italian style.
"Centro", is the street sign to downtown in every Italian city, and 39 the country code to call Italy. We merged the two to create an online source for 100% "Made in Italy" fashion brands. 

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Italian designers are modern visionaries whose legacy of quality and craftsmanship are renowned globally. We discover and curate the exciting collections of designers emerging from Italy today. 
A Renaissance of Italian fashion is happening now and the world is watching. 
Enjoy the opportunity to shop Italian design clothes and accessories here at the Silicon Valley Italian festival and on line at www.centro39.com.
We create immersive explorations that engage children with the environment around them and stimulate their creativity and ingenuity, while simultaneously enhancing their senses through the use of mobile devices.
Curious Hat
The FirmaMenta cushions are made completely in Italy: from the selection and design of the fabrics to the realization of unique pillows.  
FirmaMenta collections offer a range stretching from wool to velvet, to the brilliance of solid colors, to jacquard and the precious printed texture, created through the use of modern techniques with the aim of offering a product that is both traditional and innovative. 

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For added comfort and value our fabrics are combined with padding mixture of feathers and down.
FirmaMenta offers an exclusive line of furnishing accessories created through extensive quality research.
Functional, fabulous, exceptional - custom stone fabrication since 1984.
Marble, granite, slate - all natural stone custom fabrication and professional installation for kitchens and bathrooms, floors, fireplaces, antique restoration, tables and one-of-a-kind art.

Greco Granite

Greco Granite
H&L logo
“Hector and Lola” was created out of our desire to provide today’s woman with original designs that would immediately feel right and let her feel comfortably herself. Saying NO to the trends of throw-away fashion and of escalating prices without increased quality, “Hector and Lola” has chosen to reimagine cashmere, the most luxurious of materials, as deliberately young, fashionable and, above all, affordable.

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“Hector and Lola” is for women who value fashion without being victims – women who celebrate their femininity and are looking for sweaters and cardigans that are timeless, elegant and of the highest quality - but still with the small touches of playfulness that characterize our collection.
In 2011 Libreria Pino began as an online Italian bookstore based in San Francisco. We started with a limited selection of titles featuring best sellers in Italy and popular children’s books. Quickly our customers began asking for more selection and gave us suggestions for new titles. We now have a broad selection from Easy Readers to Dante; from Elena Ferrante to Luigi Pirandello; and from Francesco Tullio Altan to Gianni Rodari.

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Libreria Pino
We have a wide range of music from Lucio Battisti and Mina to Jovanotti, Malika Ayane, and Noemi. We also have a broad selection of films for children from Barbapapà and Geronimo Stilton to Winx Club; and films for adults from classics to popular new releases.
Mia Vita Collections
Mia Vita offers an exclusive collection of beautifully crafted handbags and accessories imported directly from Europe.   
This thoughtfully curated collection blends luxury with affordability, offering access to smaller limited-production designers who exemplify the workmanship and design sensibilities that have made Italian products so desirable throughout the world.  

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Chosen for their unique aesthetics, the handbags and accessories in the Mia Vita Collection allow each woman to express her unique style and personality– confident, sophisticated, contemporary, chic – with products made of the highest quality materials and craftsmanship and designed with practicality in mind.  Now the woman who wants to create an inspired, distinctive style can access the same exceptional artisanal accessories found on the streets of Florence, Milan or Rome. 
One-of-a-kind handmade jewelry, textile and mixed media art, and accessories.
PF Atelier
Provance Inspiration logo
Provence Inspiration brings a beautiful choice of European decors inspired by the markets in Provence to this side of the Atlantic: from Italian style linen to Parisian lampshades and Danish glassware. An elegant collection, to give or cherish at home!
Every one of Rossella Verderame 's ceramic creation is unique, handmade, created by the imagination and the inspiration of the moment.
Colors and materials come from the nature, like clay and glazes. All of this makes you think about Sicily - Italy, where she has her own studio.
The blue of the sea, the green of the trees and the gold of the sun are her inspirations.
Rossella Verderame keeps alive a tradition that has been present in Sicily for centuries.
Antonella Saccani
Antonella Saccani

Antonella Saccani Personal Chef

Personal Chef Antonella Saccani was born and raised in Rome, Italy. She started her own company “Eatinginstyle” to help busy families eat original gourmet Italian food, prepared by her in their own kitchen.
You can follow Chef Antonella Saccani on TV. She is the Producer of her own show, “Antonella’s kitchen”, aired on KMVT 15 Public Access and on the YouTube Channel of KMTV.

Valentina Cirasola Interior Design

Valentina Cirasola is Italian born and trained interior-fashion designer holding two degrees in both fields. She established her business in 1990. She offers consultations for home remodeling/decorating room-by-room, or entire home. She also consults on colors for homes and personal images, in person for local clients and online through Skype for clients anywhere in the world.

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Valentina Cirasola
Valentina’s goal is to transform people's live by changing their spaces or their personal images. The results is: her clients live in beautiful homes with comfortable spaces to nourish their spirit and mind, or have a stunning wardrobe to suits their personalities.
She is the author of three books, one of which is on the subject of colors:
©Red-A Voyage Into Colors. All her books are available on Amazon and Barnes & Nobles.
Valentina’s projects have been featured and published on major publications such as
- Vogue magazine in Italy
- Gentry South and Gentry Peninsula
- California Home & Design and many more.
Visit Valentina’s design site: http://www.valentinadesigns.com
Valentina’s blogs: http://valentinaexpressions.com
Valentina’s Etsy store: https://www.etsy.com/shop/ValentinaExpressions
Linda Amato
My collection of handmade, handblown Italian Murano Glass Jewelry consists of necklaces, pendants, earrings and cuff braceletts. Although my jewelry is unique, artistic  and colorful!, it is also very calming with its combination of shapes and luminescent colors.

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For the past 10 years, I have been traveling to Murano, Italy  (the famed island known for beautiful hand blown glass artists for generations – off of the magical coast of Venice, Italy), to work with my friends/glass artisans, who handmake and handblow all the class elements to the highest standards of Italian craftmanship.
With my designs and their beautiful technique of glass making, every year we put together a beautiful collection of jewelry- each piece individually created, using a myriad of colors interspersed with gold and silver leaf and adventurine elements. While My collection is considered “ art jewelry” it  reflects a more modern Murano glass design which makes it wearable and fun for all current styles and wardrobes.
Alessandra Gallo’s hip jewelry collection is inspired by nature and features natural stones, stalactite slices, sliced geodes and semi-precious stones. As an Italian designer based in California, her background is eclectic and inspired by her frequent travels to all corners of the globe. Each piece is one-of-a-kind and lovingly hand-made.
A Gallo
Per Te Baby
PerTeBaby is following the Italian tradition of handmade clothing and blankets for your newborn up to 3 years old. All pieces are personally  hand knitted with love  by me out of the finest quality 100% cotton or merino Italian yarn.

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Each piece is as unique as your child. PerTeBaby is the perfect baby shower gift or that certain special gift, for any child of your family or friends and of course for your own child!
PerTeBaby is not only baby sweaters but I ve designed and made a line of fun recycled material bags and purses for boys and girls....last but not least I had fun making the dream wardrobe of crochet dresses, jackets and purses for Barbie and Ken.
SOFRANCISCO is a high-end leathergood brand dedicated to tech devices. 
SOFRANCISCO's first Collections... Introducing SOF Case
The SOF Case is a luxury iPhone 6 / 6s Italian leather open case.
The SOF Case incorporates modernity, French craftsmanship, Italian Leather as well as many details from the high-end leather-good industry.

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It is a sleek case that allows you to appreciate the design of your iPhone 6 / 6s and goes beyond by showcasing your device and your great sense of taste.
The full grain and smooth nappa leather has been carefully selected in Italy to meet the quality requirements of the case usage and the smoothness you wish to feel on a leather case. It provides a very pleasant touch that gets softer with time. 
The inside part of the SOF Case is made of ABS and perfectly embraces your iPhone and provides a high resistance to shock.
SOFRANCISCO is proud to partner with the best luxury manufacturer on the market for this specific type of product who masters a technique called gaining*.

* gaining consists in assembling leather on a hard surface.
Kim Volkmann
I have developed quite a unique skill of knotting, braiding and interweaving satin cords to give warmth and add vibrant colors to cold stones and metal in my pieces of jewelry. I design and hand make my jewelry, using mostly nylon satin cord (also called rattail) that I knot, braid, or weave to make unique pieces. I also like to work with gemstones and precious metals.

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After exploring various techniques of Korean macrame (made up), French passemanerie and Celtic knots, I found out that I can make large scale geometric forms using Celtic knot weaving technique. Combined with jewelry elements, I like to create what I call my jeweled baskets and objects. I also make wall arts finding my inspiration from Abstract Artists such as Mondrian, Josef Albers, Frank Stella or Lucio Fontana and Fiber Artist like Sheila Hicks that I like to revisit.

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